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The Tendon Report

Hi all,

I hope your Winter is nice and quiet and boring. It’s ok. This is a time when all of nature is resting. Opposite to the bustle and fury of Summer. If we could keep that gas pedal down all year we will certainly exhaust our health and shorten our lives. So, ease off the pedal. Sleep a little

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Warming Tea!

Happy Holidays All!


Medicine is everywhere. In our food, in our backyard, and in the traditions we keep. This time of year, we all pack in together, for warmth, and share our lives and stories with each other. Remembering those we lost and welcoming new additions. Medicine is what brings us back to ourselves. Brings us back into focus.

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Colds, Coughs, Flu’s Oh My!



Well folks,

It’s Fall again and that means our energy begins to turn inward preparing for the restful Winter. For some of us the work slows down, some are busy with school, and some of us continue along at our natural pace. Holidays loom in the future.

We may welcome the cool air and even rain to

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Herbal Granule Formulas

Hello all! I’d like to tell you about a new feature we have going at Earth-Moon, herbal granule formulas. These are individual herbs that dissolve in warm water and can be taken by those who don’t like to take pills. These herbs can be combined for a specific effect tailor made for you!

How it works:

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Schizandra Dreams of Sleep



Hi all!

Hope your Summer is going well!

The sun is shining, for the most part, the birds are singing, and nature is all a buzz with excitement.

For the natural world this is a time of activity, but for some, all this energy may

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