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Warming Tea!

Happy Holidays All!


Medicine is everywhere. In our food, in our backyard, and in the traditions we keep. This time of year, we all pack in together, for warmth, and share our lives and stories with each other. Remembering those we lost and welcoming new additions. Medicine is what brings us back to ourselves. Brings us back into focus. In our food, we find comfort and nourishment. We celebrate recipes passed down through the ages. Cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and other warming spices aren’t just there for flavor. Their warming nature goes deep into our body to push out the cold and warm our core. It is also a tasty way to prevent a cold from entering, so daily consumption is great through the cold months. Yummy with a purpose! If we can look at our food as the antidote to our health concerns we can find many world traditions (and recipes) all work in conjunction with the seasons and environment. And this time of year, we can look to those old recipes for balancing our body with the seasons.


Easy Warming Tea Recipe:

8-12 oz of boiling water

¼ teaspoon each of the following:

Cinnamon powder

Cardamom powder

Ginger powder (or fresh grated)

Nutmeg powder

Orange peel (fresh or dried)

Honey to taste


1) Place dry ingredients in cup.

2) Pour boiling water over.

3) Add honey. Let cool. Enjoy


*Note: if you can a warm constitution and tend to run warm, this may not be the best tea for you. Try Mint Green tea or Burdock root tea instead, it will help cool down when packed in a crowded house.


As always, the voice of temperance and moderation, avoid as best you can too much rich, sweet foods. I always wait for the right ones to come by rather than consume them on a daily basis. While I love Challah bread, it is a great example of waiting for the right time to eat it. I feel this adds to its richness and enjoyment. The special flavors of the season are wonderful enhancements through the darkened days, but candy canes seem out of place in the summer. My suggestion is to wait for the right moment, go into the feeling of its rarity. If you miss it, that’s okay, the next one will seem even more special!


Until next time,

Be Well!

-Bryon Leverman LAc

Health Challenge: Try to eat one meal a day without reading, scrolling, or watching tv.

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