Clinic Hours Update & Telemedicine Options

Covid-19 update:

Open for Acupuncture and Massage!

We are OPEN Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays  Thursdays, Fridays 9am-5pm; and Saturdays 9-2 for acupuncture and massage treatments, herb, and supplement pickups. Other times please leave a message.

Orders can be placed via email at or leave a message at 971-273-7177.

We will contact you to confirm your order or make a TeleMedicine Appointment with one of our providers. These appointments are billable to some insurance companies or for self-pay cost between $45 and $75 dollars for 15-30 minutes.

Did you know that we have many tools to help keep you healthy during the outbreak? Bryon has been researching and gathering herbs designed to help you in case you or someone you know comes down with Covid-19. We also have many herbs and supplements to help you STAY healthy.

Telemedicine includes:

  1. Teaching you Acupressure to address your symptoms or help you stay healthy.
  2. Teaching and demonstrating Qi Gong, or Gentle Yoga poses to relax the nervous system and address your symptoms.
  3. Creating a custom herbal tea in granule form to enhance your health and address your symptoms.
  4. Choose from our wide selection of herbal patents and supplements to enhance your health and address your symptoms.

Available in our shop for pickup, mail order, or delivery:

  1. Herbs and supplements
  2. Silicone cupping sets- cupping helps address muscle tightness and tension and also helps prevent colds and flu from gaining hold in our systems.
  3. Gua Sha spoons- provide many of the same benefits as cupping.
  4. Tibetan Foot Soaks help raise your ‘Yang Qi’ to fight off colds and flu.
  5. Ear Seeds are a tool that allows you to apply seeds on surgical tape to points on your ears that can treat a huge range of ailments from migraines to knee pain. We will give you a comprehensive Ear Chart for free with any purchase.
  6. In-store made hand sanitizer using the WHO guidelines and high-quality Essential Oils: Young Living’s Thieves Oil.
  7. In-store made air freshening spray made with distilled water, witch hazel, and Young Living’s Purification Combination Oils.
  8. Chinese Pain relieving rubs and Plasters for pain relief and Real Time Pain Relief- lotion that stops pain fast!
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