Herbal Granule Formulas

Hello all! I hope your summer is going well! I’d like to tell you about a new feature we have going at Earth-Moon, herbal granule formulas. These are individual herbs that dissolve in warm water and can be taken by those who don’t like to take pills. These herbs can be combined for a specific effect tailor made for you!

How it works:

  1. Come in for a 30-minute interview with our star herbalist, Bryon Leverman LAc

He will ask you about your health and answer any questions you may have. He will also perform pulse and tongue diagnosis to complete an accurate picture of your health.

  1. After the interview, he will compound an herbal granule formula specific to your concerns. These formulas are easy to take and the best part, they are inexpensive!

Only $10 for a week’s supply! Simply add to some warm water and drink! Easy!

  1. Return for a follow-up in one week to see how it’s working. The formula may be adjusted in amount or by ingredient to make sure we are moving in the right direction.
  1. Bryon will also provide dietary and movement exercises that will improve the outcome of the treatment and improve your life in general!

Some of the main conditions Bryon treats with these granule formulas include: fatigue, weight gain, neck/shoulder/back pain, tension, digestive problems, allergies, asthma, diarrhea, colds and flu. The herbs can also be given to children and added to some foods to help them along.

You, too, can experience the wide range of benefits using these herbal formulas that cannot be found at your local health stores. These herbs come from a long history of use and have proven their worth over thousands of years! Many of us seek to supplement our diets and lifestyles with various products but may not have all the information we need to make them as effective as possible. Seeking expert help can get us to our health goals quicker and set us on a better path to healing. Our unique approach is becoming more sought after every day and the herbs we use are powerful yet safe and effective, but only found here.

Come in and see how we can help you with your health goals today!

We do take most insurance!

Cost of herbal formulas ($10) are not covered by insurance.

Other formulas and supplements are available and may be recommended.

Out of pocket price for Consult and Formula: 1st visit: $109.75

Out of pocket price for Follow-up and formula refill: $66.25

Schizandra Dreams of Sleep



Hi all!

Hope your Summer is going well!

The sun is shining, for the most part, the birds are singing, and nature is all a buzz with excitement.

For the natural world this is a time of activity, but for some, all this energy may be too much.

The energy of Summer can add fuel to any health issues like anxiety, heart problems, insomnia, or hot flashes.

Transitioning through the season smoothly can give us the warmth we need to carry us through the Autumn and Winter.

Using acupuncture and herbs can help us to just that. By lessening the severity of such conditions, we can strengthen ourselves and prevent worsening of the symptoms.This will help us stay healthier longer.

Many conditions go untreated or mistreated by improper use of medications, even over-the-counter ones and may just mask the underlying cause.

Acupuncture and herbal formulas encourage you to return to normalcy.


For this article I would like to talk about sleep.


We need to sleep. This is when our digestion can get down to the finite ingredients of our meals. We need to be still for this process from 1am to 3am.

If you are waking during these times this shows that your body is not processing the past days meals or events.

Modern life is a busy one, so much we need to do. If we get home and just drop, we are probably working over our limits.

For some this may provide us with deep sleep. For others, the thoughts and actions of our day mull over and over causing us unrest and loss of sleep.

We are happy to introduce you to a wide variety of formulas that can gently assist you back to a restful state so you can process the nutrients of the day and recharge your batteries for tomorrow.

One in particular is a formula entitles Schizandra Dreams.

All natural herbs with no pharmaceuticals to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

This formula is on sale now for $14 here at Earth-Moon Acupuncture and Massage!

Its benefits include: treating insomnia and dreaming; may lessen the severity of sleep apnea, and for nighttime cough.

During the day it has a calming effect for daytime agitation, anxiety attacks, and palpitations or for substance withdrawal.

Sleep is the number one symptoms Americans seek medications for but most have side effects and are chemical compounds of unknown origin.

Using natural products are gentler and generally safer for long term use if needed.
Take care of sleep and take care yourself. And if you have any questions, come in and see us!

Byron Leverman

Earth-Moon Acupuncture featured in Chemeketa ad!

Earth-Moon Acupuncture is proud to be part of a promotional campaign for Chemeketa Community Colleges promotion of its Small Business Management Class- part of their Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and Chemeketa Center for Business and Industry (CCBI).

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More than Needles: 6 TCM Therapies You May Never Have Heard of

cuppingMost people know that one way to feel better is with acupuncture needles.  You go to your acupuncturist feeling bad.  I put in a few needles.  You leave feeling lighter, energized, more pain-free.

Using acupuncture needles to heal is part of a broader medical system called Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  By observing body systems and the links between symptoms, TCM developed a medical philosophy about the flow of Qi, or life force.   When Qi is balanced, you feel healthy.   When it is disrupted, blocked or unbalanced, poor health is the result.

In acupuncture, needles are placed at specific points along the meridians to balance the Qi.

But did you know that needles are just one way to balance Qi?

TCM is a flexible system.  The principles can be applied in many ways and to many different therapies to achieve the same results.

In the following 2 part series, we will look at the many ways you can balance Qi.  This first part of the series describes the TCM therapies that require the help of a practitioner.

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Acupuncture & TMJ