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Colds, Coughs, Flu’s Oh My!



Well folks,

It’s Fall again and that means our energy begins to turn inward preparing for the restful Winter. For some of us the work slows down, some are busy with school, and some of us continue along at our natural pace. Holidays loom in the future.

We may welcome the cool air and even rain to relieve us from the heat of Summer.

No matter where we are in this time of change, we all must guard our health to prevent illness from setting in.


An old Chinese saying notes “a thousand diseases are carried on the wind”.

As our kids go back to school and inevitably bring home with them various versions of colds, coughs, and flu.


The Chinese herbal formulas have helped during this season for thousands of years and have fine-tuned natural ways to keep us healthy using plants and herbs.


Many of us seek vitamins and minerals for daily support and over-the-counter medicines when we or our kids get sick.

While a good daily vitamin is helpful, the modern commercial medicine is aimed at covering up symptoms not focused on preventing and eliminating the various bugs which has an overall stronger effect on our health.

Many folks reach for the syrups, vapor-rubs, and pills after the illness has taken hold, or, return to work before the illness has completely left our body thus leaving us with a lingering symptom.

Another approach modern people use is to build up or strengthen their “Immune System” by overloading their body with many compounds, at which our digestive system is completely puzzled by.


Many of these compounds are expensive and go undigested.

The Chinese herbal formulas are well-crafted and oh-so time tested to naturally relieve symptoms, eliminate pathogens, and restore our vitality, without side-effects.


So, some colds and flus are different and affect us in different ways, here’s a quick guide to what we can do:


If you have more chills or can’t get warm, we use Gui Zhi Wan (a cinnamon based formula)


If you have more fever, sore throat, and sweating, we use a Heat-Clearing formula like

Yin Chiao San (a mint-based formula). Take this one as soon as you feel sick, don’t wait!


If your sinuses are the real problem, we use herbal formulas the unblock the nose like Nasal Tabs (our #1 seller). This formula has Thyme and Eucalyptus combined with other powerful Chinese herbs to get you breathing better fast! Xanthium Relieve Surface will help with more feverish signs.


If the bugs hit your stomach, Quiet Digestion is the best around for this! In China it is known as Curing Pills, a name earned by its effectiveness.


If the worst is the headache, Head-Q are the herbs we use to alleviate pain and clear out the sinuses.


If the cough has set in or just won’t go away, Clear Air is designed to relieve and resolve.


Some folks just can’t seem to get rid of that cold, taking weeks or even months to go away. Let’s use a tonifying formula to strengthen your system to push out illness faster and without side-effects. Astra Isatis and Astra-C are great tools to rebuild, recover, and restore!


Many of these formulas are great for kids too! Easy to swallow or crushable.

Come in today and ask our herbalist, Bryon Leverman LAc,  about ways to keep your children and loved ones healthy this season!


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