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Acupuncture, Massage, and Wellness in Salem, OR

We are in-network and bill most insurances including MVA’s and Workman’s Comp.

Wendy J. Childs, L. Ac., Owner/Operator

Serena Bordes, DOM, L.Ac.

Michelle ‘Mimi’ Denker, L.Ac.

Bryon Leverman, L.Ac.

Dianne Weaver, L.Ac.

Stephanie Gangi, LMT #27674 OR

Alice Sherard, LMT #22885 OR

Suzyn Vorachek, LMT #19619 OR

Our bodies have their own wisdom–they just need someone to listen. At Earth-Moon Acupuncture and Massage, we work to unlock your bodies’ healing potential with Acupuncture, Massage, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and Holistic Nutrition. Come see us to feel better than you ever knew you could.

Your body deserves it.

With a warm welcome, our friendly front desk staff will check you in and help you sort out insurance coverage for our services. We are in-network with many insurance carriers, and we also welcome Workman’s Comp and Motor Vehicle Accident Care patients. We can check your insurance coverage and co-pays or create a payment plan for your needs. In some cases, a doctor’s referral will be required. Medicare does not pay out for acupuncture, but Supplemental Insurance may.

All our practitioners at Earth-Moon are dedicated to helping you feel better and live healthier. Using Traditional Chinese Medicine principles and techniques, our Acupuncturists focus on your whole well-being, helping you to bring body and mind back into restorative balance. Our Massage Therapists, also invested in your whole well-being, use a variety of massage modalities, such as Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Release Therapy, and the SMART technique, to help you move your best!

Earth-Moon Acupuncture and Wellness is conveniently located near downtown Salem and is easily wheelchair accessible through our back door. Additionally, all our treatment rooms have adjustable electric tables, allowing everyone to get on and off of them with ease. We want everyone who comes to us for care to feel pampered by our healing space. Come check us out–you’ll be glad you did!

Contact us for more information. We look forward to seeing you!

Check Out Our Latest Blog Posts!

Herbal Granule Formulas

Hello all! I’d like to tell you about a new feature we have going at Earth-Moon, herbal granule formulas. These are individual herbs that dissolve in warm water and can be taken by those who don’t like to take pills. These herbs can be combined for a specific effect tailor made for you!

How it works:

Come in for a Continue reading

Sound Healing and Acupuncture


August 24th, 2022~ the first of a monthly offering. Bryon, Wendy, and Danielle offer Sound Healing with a variety of instruments. Come and relax with either ear needles or ear seeds and a unique sound bath of bowls, drum, flute, and traditional Chinese instruments. This week will feature the Guqin 古琴, a 7 stringed instrument.


Call or email

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Do you bruise?

Hello all!

A recent patient asked about bruising after acupuncture. While this is common it can still be concerning.  Some folks tend to bruise easily and others may be taking medications that can lead to bruising more easily, like blood thinners.

In a straight sense of what is happening, tiny capillaries are opened after the insertion of the needle. If

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It’s Tea Time!

We have it! You need it! Come get it!

That’s right folks, we just received our herbal tea line and it is amazing. Why? Because now you have access to some of the most powerful herbs in the world in the convenience of warm mug. These teas combine the finest of Chinese herbs to address a whole host of health

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