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Dianne Weaver, L. Ac.


As an acupuncturist and herbalist, Dianne assists people in their evolution towards better health, on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. She views Oriental medicine as a proactive and preventative approach to health and well being, as well as a modality that helps people regain balance when disease manifests.

Dianne believes that inside each of us is a “well” of Qi, or life force, that we can draw from. When our “wells” get cracked or muddy, our Qi becomes imbalanced or feels “dried up.” With the tools of acupuncture and herbal therapies, Dianne can assist you in your journey to regain balance and return to health; to refilling your “well.”

Her training in the healing arts began with massage school at East West College in Portland, Oregon. After graduating in 1992, she set up her own massage business in Portland. She later focused on her studies in Jin Shin Do acupressure with Kamala Quale in Eugene, Oregon. This training in acupressure led her to pursue more knowledge of Oriental medicine at Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, NM where she graduated with a Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine. This gave her more tools to help people reach a higher level of health and well-being.

She practiced as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico from 2004 until she moved back to Oregon in 2019. She is excited to bring her skills and love of the medicine to Earth Moon Acupuncture.

Dianne’s skills in acupuncture provide benefits to many individuals, including those suffering from acute and chronic pain, elder people who wish to have a higher quality of life, and women going through their life transitions. She tailors each treatment to the individual, using Japanese and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) styles of acupuncture, with a gentle needling technique. Dianne also uses Western, Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs to augment the healing process. She brings a sense of nurturing support and deep listening to every treatment, because everybody needs this for the healing process to begin.

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