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Massage Therapists

Alice Shepard, LMT# 22885

Massage Therapist


As a massage therapist, Alice believes that if you have pain in your body, or in your mind, then you need change to occur in your life. Her advice: start with the body. As one of Earth-Moon’s skilled massage therapy practitioners, Alice is here to help you start change through bodywork–in particular by using her massage specialty, Spontaneous Muscle Release Therapy (SMRT). Through its gentle yet intuitive relaxation positions, SMRT allows the body the space to change itself. Alice would encourage all of us to ask ourselves this one question: what changes can I start making today?

Fun Fact

Cats or Dogs…or Tortoises? Alice prefers dogs. She has one sweet little pup named Eddie who brings light and joy to our massage space when he visits–if your lucky, maybe you’ll get to meet him!

Suzanne 'Suzyn' Vorachek, LMT# 19619

Massage Therapist | LMT Insurance Credentialing Specialist | Social Media & Marketing Coordinator


As a massage therapy practitioner, Su believes that all of us ought to practice hope in, and compassion for, our bodies, even as they wear down and grow rusty. Our bodies are the chariots which carry us through life–and that makes them important. So in her Orthopedic and Sports Injury Massage Therapy practice, Su believes her most important role as a massage therapist is to teach people how to let go of the struggle against what their body can’t do, show them how to celebrate their body for what it can do, and help them find peace in, and acceptance for, their body as it is in this moment.

Fun Fact

Ojala is Su’s favorite word in any language. Descending from the Arabic phrase ‘Inshallah,’ meaning ‘ if God wills it,’ Ojala is Spanish for ‘I hope,’ which for Su is a phrase that emobodies the first step we must all take on our healing journeys: hope.

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