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wendy childs - acupuncturist

Wendy Childs, LAc.

Acupuncturist | Owner/Operator


As an acupuncture practitioner, Wendy believes that she is just the vehicle which helps your body gift healing to itself. All healing comes from within: and so, all she can do through the medium of acupuncture is remove those blocks to healing, helping you optimize your BodyMindSpirit’s healing potential.

Even though, as an acupuncturist, she is one, it has taken her years to allow the word ‘Healer,’ since she has always felt it puts the emphasis on the wrong person. Wendy holds that while, with acupuncture, she can be the catalyst, or tool, for helping you unlock your healing potential, she cannot do the healing for you. Ultimately, the power to heal is within you. Acupuncture merely provides the opportunity for growth.

Fun Fact

Wendy’s favorite word in any language is gratitude, a word which is a reminder for her of everything she has to be grateful for. And, for Wendy, everything means everything–even her losses and hard times, since those challenges created opportunities for her to grow. So, from clients to staff, Wendy thanks everyone who helps keep Earth Moon Acupuncture and Massage running, giving all of us an opportunity to grow by serving our community every day.

Bryon J. Leverman L. Ac.

Bryon Leverman, LAc.

Acupuncturist | Herbalist | Sound Healer


As a Daoist acupuncturist, Bryon believes it is the interplay of body, mind, and spirit which creates health. Through creating an acupuncture environment which brings peace to all three parts of us, Bryon invites health forward, rather than insists on it. He likens healing to untying a knot: force can potentially makes things worse; through relaxation, the knot unties itself. So, his relaxed approach to acupuncture and healing allows room for change and growth. For Bryon, all things are possible, even miracles–all it takes is a little time and a bit of patience. 

Fun Fact

Bryon’s favorite word in any language is gezellig because it means “pleasant” or “cozy.” And, while he knows getting poked with a bunch of needles at an acupuncture appointment doesn’t at first sound cozy, Bryon does his best to make sure every patient has a pleasant experience–and has found that many really do!

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