Farewell – Sequoia Arayas, L.Ac.

Sequoia Arayas, L.Ac.


Sequoia’s last day at Earth-Moon Acupuncture was 01/31/2020!

Best Wishes on your New Journey!

Sequoia has an educational background in cognitive and behavioral neurosciences. Along with his training in Classical Chinese Medicine in Hawaii he has special training in Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Sports Medicine and Community Acupuncture. He has extensive experience in working on digestive disorders, as well as emotional and immunological dysfunction.

I identify my current practice as Classical Chinese Medicine with Japanese style needling. I focus diagnostics on information gathered from extensive palpation of the involved channels/French energetics and the characteristics of the pulse. I also regularly give recommendations for dietary changes, beneficial supplements, and I write custom Chinese herbal formulas.


Hello and Blessings,

Thank you for joining me in the co-created healing space that has been my second home for the past several years at Earth-Moon Acupuncture.

To all my patients I wanted to express ongoing gratitude for the opportunity to be of service, to learn more clearly how to develop greater levels of compassion, neutrality, respect, and stillness.

It has been a great honor to share these experiences and to use my knowledge

and refine my healing skills with your help. I would not be the person I am today

without the extraordinary contribution of each and every one of you. 

My time at Earth-Moon and with each of you will be coming to end at the onset of February 2020. I have begun preparations to move to the UK to join my wife and expand upon and create a new beginning.

It is my hope that each one of you also allows for and remains open to the new opportunities that will arise in coming months. And I hope that transition is entirely graceful.

I know many of you well and I appreciate all of our mutually held and expressed positive thoughts, feelings, emotions and humor.

Even when outer circumstances are difficult it has and continues to be an utmost gift to see the shining and triumphant spirit in all of you who despite encountering difficulties remain aware of the essence within which is purely focused on living a life of purpose, effortlessly devoted to creating more avenues to be happy, peaceful, and energized with fullness health and wellness.

Regardless of your success in attaining this goal may the journey itself be enough to help heal ourselves into an unrelenting attitude of gentle respect and unconditional compassion.

May you all continue to give yourself the gifts you have given me; the sustaining kindness & gratitude that I write with was certainly co-authored with and by and for each one of you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

& best of wishes to you all